Feeding the Hungry Along the Shoreline

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All our heartfelt thanks to those in our community who work so hard to help feed our neighbors in need.

Jacob Kateley, a freshman at Valley Regional High School, recently brought a $100 bill to SSKP. This wasn’t his first gift - he’s been raising funds for Shoreline Soup Kitchens for 6 years - and to date he had given a total of $1,200.00. Since he was just 8 years old, Jacob has been collecting and redeeming bottles and cans, turning nickels and dimes into substantial gifts that can provide real help to those in need. With the help of his mom and sister Emily, he has collected and redeemed thousands and thousands of cans, and spent countless hours sorting, storing and transporting them. Sometimes the work to collect and redeem the bottles and cans is time consuming and tiring, but Jacob keeps going! He started with a small idea at a young age, and as he has grown older, has stayed true to his goal of giving back. Thank you, Jacob, for your amazing spirit of giving!


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