Feeding the Hungry Along the Shoreline

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get helpThe Shoreline Soup Kitchens & Pantries is an interfaith service that provides food and fellowship to those in need and educates our community on hunger and poverty.

Thank you all who gave your input on our recent survey to volunteers! The information is and will be very useful and valuable to us now, and as we move into the future. There are many good ideas on what needs our attention now, and some good suggestions on how to improve them. There are also some great ideas on what you see may be obstacles in our future. We are in the process of gathering the data into sections so we can share the ideas with the appropriate groups. Again, thank you!

The following is a summary of the most frequently mentioned and key statements made by the volunteers. The volunteers are very happy and believe in the SSKP mission and believe the SSKP is doing a wonderful job. There were 73 responses – 12 were typed and the rest were hand written.

What we do we do well?

· Camaraderie / Making new friends / Meeting people/ Guests and volunteers socializing and sharing ideas and friendship

· Providing fellowship to guests / meeting & talking to guests / Kindness and caring / Seeing a guest walk out with a smile on their face/ The thank you from guests / We eliminate the “us and them” barrier / Providing camaraderie, fellowship / Providing a warm and welcoming time / Taking the time to make a special meal, just like I would make for my family / Learning each person’s name / Welcoming guests with a positive spirit and smile / Offering choices and accommodating to what the guests need / Fellowship when a guest stays to talk after the meal is over / Seeing how happy and grateful the guests are, shows we are providing fellowship / I try to get to know the guests, connect with them, and make their experience a pleasant one that they look forward to / Providing a welcoming and friendly atmosphere / I get a good feeling every time / Donating time and providing a much needed resource / I hope I am making them feel comfortable coming to the pantry / I listen to the guests and believe I help by lending a sympathetic ear / I try to remember little things like who likes tea instead of coffee / Making the guests feel welcome and engaging with the ones that want to talk / I talk to the guests with respect and kindness /

· Other volunteers / Kind & committed volunteers / Amazing teamwork of volunteers/ making new friends w other volunteers / Compassion, respect and warmth from our volunteers to our guests and each other / Team spirited interactions – good camaraderie among volunteers

· Giving back / Providing a service to people in need

· Making use of food that would be wasted / Simplifying and using more of what’s available in a creative way rather than buying for elaborate meals / Providing a basic need & food that is enjoyed / Providing nutritious food / Fresh produce / Providing good food in a friendly environment

· Well managed operation

· Music playing

Volunteers Concerns for Our Guest’s Future?

· The need will be greater and more critical

· Reach out to those that need us and are unaware of our services

· We may see more older folks as our shoreline population ages

· Will need more handicapped access to sites due to more seniors

· As our guests age, delivery to those may be needed

· Public transportation will be needed more

· Healthcare will become more of an issue

· We will have more people with allergies

· There will be more Hispanics/ We will need more ethnic foods

· We may see more younger folks who can’t make ends meet due to low wages

· Having enough healthy meals in the guests daily lives/ That guests don’t have enough food/ That not everyone has sufficient, nutritious food every day / Availability for guests to receive nutritious food on a regular and equitable basis/ That things are going to get worse for them

· Having enough food to serve all who need it

· The stigma in society that prevents some from seeking help

· Wondering if the guests are getting additional support services they need

· They need help with moving to self-sufficiency: English classes, budgeting, healthcare and cooking low cost

Volunteer Site Suggestions?

· Encourage all volunteers & guests to have first name name-tags

· Encourage soft music at all sites

· Have bi-lingual (Spanish-English) volunteers

· Have key phrase translations written down in Spanish for all registration people

· Re-look at “Help Boxes” and find a better way to get information to guests

· Give talks at schools to get more young people involved & to instill good values

· Look at needing more storage, refrigeration & distribution space

· Find solutions for our guests transportation issues in getting to our sites

· Find solutions to handicapped access to more of our sites
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